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We serve small to midsize business owners through comprehensive financial planning and wealth management.

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From retiring from a university position to selling a business, we specialize in retirement planning and investment management.

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Retirement is a special time of your life. Whether you are planning for retirement or already there, we want to help you successfully navigate this time of your life. Stephen Swensen and Jacob Cazier, CFP® have been helping clients successfully plan and execute their retirement plans for over 25 years.

Plan for your retirement

The cornerstone of the work we do at Navigation Capital is the Four Buckets Strategy™. The Four Buckets Strategy gives you objective, non-emotional investment advice, and also provides your portfolio with just the right balance of risk and reward. This ensures that you not only understand your investment portfolio, but perhaps more importantly, you are comfortable with the investment selection of your retirement income plan.

How It Works

We want to get to know you and we pride ourselves in providing top-notch service. After we have gotten to know you, we will spend time creating a financial plan for your retirement. Then through advanced reporting and bi-annual meetings we make sure that you are on track to meet your goals.

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The Four Buckets Strategy

What You've Worked For

You've spent your whole life saving so that when the time to retire arrives, you will be able to live the the lifestyle that you desire. Upon retirement you enter a new phase of life, one where stability means more than the risk-reward that growth brings. It's a common misconception that to achieve the stability within your portfolio you must change your whole portfolio allocation to very conservative. 

A portion of your money won't be spent for many years. By partitioning your retirement portfolio into four "buckets" you can enjoy growth without sacrificing stability. Each of these buckets is set aside to provide income at a different part of your retirement. buckets designated to be spent later in life can continue in growth mode, as they wont' be spent for 10, 15, or maybe even 20 years! 


Retirement Income

Each year you will need to supplement any income you have coming in with money from your portfolio. The more money you have coming in from sources such as social security, pensions, rental income, etc., the less you have to take out of your portfolio. 

That income is always distributed out of Bucket #1, allowing the other buckets to continue growing. Bucket #1 is refilled in years that the other buckets have grown. There are generally five years worth of income in Bucket #1. When there is a decline in the market, one is able to continue spending out of their portfolio without selling investments that have declined. While there are no guarantees, history shows us that 5 years is a healthy buffer.


Bucket #1

Bucket #1 is built with very low-risk, secure investments that are designed to provide a dependable and predictable income for the first five years of retirement.

Bucket #2

Bucket #2 will spend the first five years growing before it’s needed for income, which allows for investments that have a moderate risk profile, giving way for better returns than Bucket #1. Over the years Bucket #1 is refilled from Bucket #2. Likewise, this Bucket #2 is refilled from Bucket #3.

Bucket #3

Bucket #3 functions similarly to Bucket #2, with a few differences. Because there are 10 years before the money in this bucket will be spent, it is reasonable to take more allocate the funds in this bucket into investments that have higher growth potential, with the risk of these investments being subject to market volatility. 

The growth of Buckets 3 and 4 allows one to spend more than they would have been able to if their entire portfolio had been allocated conservatively.


Bucket #4

With 15+ years to grow before these funds are needed for income, Bucket #4 is invested with intention of growing. As it grows, the gains that are made are shifted to refill buckets 3, 2, and 1. 

Ready to Start Planning Your Retirement?

We happily provide free consultations and retirement planning. We are confident that we can make big difference in your retirement. Please call, email, or follow the link below to get in contact with us.

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